Agricultural activities


Iramma Rudrappa Patil, 60 years old, is an old client of Chaitanya, living in the village of Pattihal.

Her family counts 11 members: 5 small kids and all 6 other members involved in those agricultural activities. As the client’s family is focussing on many activities onto a single land, they are shifting from old to advanced agricultural technologies. They are also involved in dairy farming, small poultry farming, etc.

70% of the village is focussing on traditional agriculture, while 2 families do poultry farming, 3 families dairy farming, and 2 families (them included) are engaged in modern agriculture. Agriculture has been the main activity nearly for 100 years and other activities started those last 10 years. The two sons are thinking about using more technologies for agricultural activities in the future and also improving poultry and dairy farming activities. 

Production steps 

They are producing biogas from the dung of their cows. To do so, they mixt it with water and channel it into fermentation pits. It is a useful way of having free sustainable power all year round. Here is a picture summarizing the whole process:

Economics of the activity

The costs vary from one crop to another and the different activities. Soybean, Maize and Cotton are produced 4 months per year while the Sugar Cane activity takes place all year long.
Here is a chart describing the costs and profits:

Yearly profit then is of 268 000 rupees thanks to the agricultural activities.

They took two loans from Chaitanya, in 2011 and 2012. The first one was for agricultural purpose while the second one was to purchase ox. 

The profit of this activity is around 16500 per month, with the main season being from March to May. 

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