Sweet making activity


Maheshwari Barman Karkuswamy is a 50 year old woman living in M.K. Hubli, located 50km from Dharwad.
Her household, her husband and their three grown up children (28,29 and 30 yo) all working in this business, is the only one there involved in the activity of making sweets, and have been so for 25 years.

Production steps

For Rasculla (red ones) and Balusha : 

The day before they prepare the materials to help get the products done the next day. They knead maida with east powder, salt, colour, etc. It has to be kept the whole night to get the raw products. 

Then, once then maida flour is ready, the mixture is cut into small pieces using a tool designed for it. 

Afterwards it is fried until they get well fried Rasculla and Balusha. Next step is the drying process and finally it is supplied with good packaging. 

For the chakkulis (two types): 

They start the kneading process for making Chakkulis with the help of besan, water, jeera, ajwan, soda powder and salt. After is has been fried, it also gets dried and supplied to the different markets.
They work from 8 am to 5 pm, 6 days a week, 10 months a year. 

Economics of the activity

Here is a chart describing the weekly costs of the activity:

They sell bags of 20 sweets 20 rupees, and sell 900 of them per day. Making a revenue of 18 000 and a weekly one of 108 000 rs. Their weekly profit is then around 10 000 rupees. Which makes around 430 000 of rs per year (since it is a 10 months activity), which is their only income.